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light: noun The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

About Mad Media

MAD MEDIA Ltd is disrupting the “out of home (OOH)” advertising space by offering highly effective yet affordable promotional opportunities across our LED digital billboards and LCD screens, bringing this powerful medium within reach of regional advertisers. Unlike other mediums, OOH does not need to be invited in, it is part of the environment, therefore cannot be turned off like television and radio, giving your campaign more impact for a longer period of time than the viewer may expect.


A massive amount of time has gone into researching the very best locations for our Digital Billboards, so you get the most impact for your advertsing spend!


Why Out Of Home Advertising?
Over 70% of people are positive about seeing advertising while out and about, saying for example “it is a nice distraction from the boring drive to work”  opposed to the almost universal negative reaction to interrupting their favorite music or movie with ads.


We offer full service ad production. Each month we will meet with you and plan your upcoming campaign, from this briefing our creative team will create eye catching ads that match your message & brand. 

Local for
the locals

We are locally based and committed to offering the very best value and service to our local businesses. 

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3rd New Plymouth Site, Whanganui and Hamilton

MAD Media currently have 2 digital billboards in prime locations around New Plymouth and more under install around New Zealand.
Whanganui set to go Live Early November!!
- spaces are limited secure yours today! From $150+GST Per Week!

Corner Devon & Hobson Streets Digital Billboard: 5.2m X 2.6m
Impact Breakdown: 43,000 Visuals Per Day
Located directly on the high traffic corner this LED Billboard’s proximity to the intersection will give your message Huge Impact!

Corner Devon & Liardet Streets Digital Billboard: 8.8m X 3.2m corner wrap.
Impact Breakdown: 21,300 Visuals Per Day (both directions including foot traffic)
This massive board wrapping around the corner directly in the heart of the CBD covers 2 key traffic directions plus great connection with the pedestrians that cross when the entire intersection comes to a standstill for every pedestrian crossing movement.

Mad Media Management Team

Cam, Ed & Jacques are leaders in their fields… From over 24 years in the advertising industry to managing some of the largest LED screen installs in the country - this team is the real deal! 

Outdoor advertising is a great way to reach people where they live, work and play.
It is media that is everywhere, and when used with creativity, it creates brand new ad spaces where none existed before — ad spaces that can stop people in their tracks. 

Unlike TV, radio or print,  OOH is media that cannot be turned off or put down. Viewers cannot fast forward through an outdoor ad as it moves through their environment or they enter the viewing range of strategically placed displays - like billboards..

Outdoor is GIVING advertisers more control over their ad space through its immunity to the "MySky effect" and our digital billboards offer truely  unprecedented options. This at a time when other ad media are offering advertisers less control!

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